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名古屋大学大学院環境学研究科 大気化学研究室

Do you know small, suspended particles could affect weather and climate,
depending on their roles governed by their characteristics as materials?

Small particles in the atmosphere (atmospheric aerosol particles) affect weather and climate by acting as nuclei to form clouds, and by absorbing or scattering solar radiation. Our research group aims to reveal chemical and physical properties of atmospheric aerosol particles and reaction processes that affect particle compositions, based on field and laboratory experiments with the help of advanced instruments such as aerosol mass spectrometry. We seek to contribute to the better understanding of the influence of aerosol particles to meteorological and climatic issues via these studies in the view of material science.

We seek for graduate course students with whom we tackle scientific projects. (Please see the page of "Join Our Group" for details.)

大気化学研究室の紹介Introduction of our research group(in Japanese; click to enlarge)

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